Are Tutoring Companies Helpful?

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 When you were struggling in math or science as a child, it’s possible that your parents would hire a tutor to help you learn better. Why stop? Getting help with course work is always a good idea—no matter the time.
Statistics from Aztec Press show that 86% of college students who had a tutor, passed their classes. It also states that only 65% of students who didn’t have a tutor passed their classes. This demonstrates that getting a tutor can increase your chances of success by almost 25%!
Let’s get a little more specific. From the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, around 88% of nurses passed the NCLEX test their first time. Many of the nurses I spoke with said they passed their boards utilizing some type of tutor program and/or online practice tests. Nurses who failed named “lack of preparation” as the number one reason they were unable to pass.
Accell Education wants you to experience success and wants to make your time earning your RN license as easy as possible. One very unique and beneficial aspect of our programs is to provide you with a certified tutor for each of your courses. If you have a question during any of our prep courses, contact your assigned tutor and they will guide you through the content and your test preparation. It’s educational, affordable, and easy to use.
If you’re an LPN looking into opportunities to earn your RN license, call Accell at 866-74-ACCEL to set up a brief phone consultation to discuss your options.

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