How to Prepare Properly for Nursing School

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I wrote this blog because I was motivated by watching all of the news coverage of Irma, the very strong hurricane causing so much devastation in the islands. Along with my colleagues at Accell Education, we are very concerned about everyone in the path of this storm. Thanks to everyone in advance for making preparations and for taking the warnings of our leadership seriously.
When I do presentations at nursing schools, hospitals, or nursing homes, I inevitably get the same question from CNA’s, LPN’s, or other prospective students.
“I’m thinking about going to school (or going back to school). What do you recommend?”
Follow the Boyscout motto: Be prepared!
Preparation is key in the everyday tasks of life. To be an effective healthcare provider and to ensure success in life, one must be prepared.
To ensure success, here are three amazing tips on how to prepare for nursing school or to continue on towards an associates or bachelors degree..
First, and foremost, get your finances in order. You must establish a budget regardless if you’re enrolling in a 2-year or 4-year degree track or an online program. It is much easier to focus on nursing school without worrying about your finances.
Second, is volunteering in the healthcare field. If you are not already a nurse or a healthcare provider, working with other nurses will help gain experience in the industry. Volunteering is almost like an internship – you can determine what you like and don’t like about healthcare and steer your career accordingly. Not only is volunteering a great way to learn—it also looks amazing on a resume. If you are a CNA or an LPN with limited exposure to a variety of healthcare experiences, volunteering to learn new skills and gain experience will be instrumental in helping you complete a degree, pass your boards, and advance your career. 
Third, is joining a study group or working with a mentor or a  tutor. There is power in numbers. Making some friends and having people to go to with questions will help a lot in finishing your degree. Another way to progress is getting online help from tutors. There are great tutor-based programs that help nurses get their degrees easily and effectively.
The College Graduate Employment Survey conducted by Accenture Strategy stated that 59% of recent graduates said they were well prepared to apply their knowledge to the real world, when just 23% of the employers said so.
Don’t be sorry. Be prepared. If you’re an LPN looking into options, Accell Education Group provides a tutor-based online program that makes earning your RN license fast, fun and affordable. Call Accell at 866-74-ACCEL to set up a brief phone consultation to discuss your options.

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