Moving from LPN to RN: The Responsibilities

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We have already written in past blogs about the differences in salaries for LPNs and RNs, but what are some differences in job responsibilities? There a fair number of duties that RNs can perform that LPNs can’t. This blog touches on just how different the jobs can be.

Because the jobs vary in responsibility, there are many areas of the country where the demand for RNs is significantly higher than that of LPNs. One reason for the higher demand for RNs is that they are capable of handling more responsibility and can legally perform allowable duties that an LPN cannot. From, the job growth predicted for LPNs is 22% while the demand for RNs is predicted to grow 26%.  

The range of duties and responsibilities of an LPN are many but often require more supervision. LPNs are usually supervised by either an RN or a doctor; and they generally cannot make independent decisions regarding the care of a patient.

Some typical responsibilities of an LPN are as follows:

  • Feeding the patients
  • Dressing and bathing
  • Collecting samples
  • Preparing and giving injections
  • Dispensing certain drugs or medications

RNs range of responsibilities include:

  • Administering medicines
  • Creating and managing nursing plans
  • Assisting doctors in examinations/surgery and treatments
  • Working hands-on with patients

The most significant difference between an RN and an LPN is formal education. There are so many LPNs I talk to that are livid that they are training new RNs but receiving half the pay. And while many LPNs have the same or similar skill sets of RNs, they are limited in their career options simply because they haven’t completed an accredited associates or bachelors degree track and passed their boards.

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