How much is my total program?

Accell / October 4, 2017 / Online Learning
To earn an Associates Degree in Nursing requires 67 credit hours and includes prerequisite courses, nursing courses, an online clinical component and an in-person clinical competency test. As with any degree program, there are a number of fees included in your investment. Acce Read More

Are you a school?

Accell / / Online Learning
Accell Education Group is not a school, nor do we want to be! Our role is to adequately and professionally prepare you take an end-of-course exam that will enable you to earn college credit at approximately 2900 colleges and universities in the United States. An easy compariso Read More

Where do I get my degree?

Accell / / Online Learning
CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College exams are widely accepted for college credit at over 2900 colleges and universities in the United States. Students can apply for credit at any of these schools. With the Accell LPN to RN program, we recommend Excelsior College to the vast Read More

What is the “test-out method?”

Accell / / Online Learning
In order to earn college credit for online learning, many students turn to the CLEP program. Unfamiliar with the term? CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. Most students took the SAT or ACT to get into their college of choice. CLEP was designed and developed by the Read More

Who is Accell Education Group?

Accell / / Online Learning
Accell Education is an online test preparation company that specializes in the healthcare market. The organization provides exceptional quality engaging and interactive course content combined with an accredited tutoring process that makes Accell unique in their target market. Th Read More

Are you accredited?

Accell / October 1, 2017 / Online Learning
Accell Education Group is a test preparation company, not a school. Our program is designed to efficiently and affordably enable you to pass CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College exams. The main reason students ask us this question is that they want to make sure their degree is v Read More

Are you partners with Excelsior College?

Accell / / Online Learning
Excelsior College is a widely accepted program with a unique Associates Degree in Nursing that enables students to earn a degree utilizing the test-out method of learning in combination with their online and test-based clinical competency exam. Accell Education Group prepares Read More

Why wouldn’t I go straight to Excelsior?

Accell / / Online Learning
Excelsior College offers their own path to completing their Associates Degree in Nursing. While some students prefer to complete their coursework through the college, others find alternatives more appealing. Accell Education Group is in the nursing field to enable our students Read More

What is a certified tutor?

Accell / / Online Learning
All of Accell’s tutors are certified instructors. What that means is that in their state, they are certified to teach in their subject of expertise. Accell is the only test preparation company to offer a certified tutor for every course. Once you enroll, you will be introduc Read More
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