Do you accept financial aid?

Accell / October 4, 2017 / Online Learning
Accell Education Group is not a school, therefore we are unable to accept any financial aid. We do, however, provide scholarships, grants, and/or financing to students. Call your education advisor at 866-74-ACCEL for availability. Read More

Do you have financing?

Accell / / Online Learning
Yes, Accell Education offers financing for our course packages. Everyone, regardless of credit, is approved for financing through our partner, UGA. Typically, payments range from $175 to $250 per month depending on each individual program. Speak with your education advisor at 866 Read More

Can I take one course at a time?

Accell / / Online Learning
Students looking to earn their Associates Degree in Nursing need 67 credit hours to complete their program. Accell recommends that students enroll in a program that includes each course offered to complete their non-clinical coursework. Because Accell is committed to the success Read More

Does online education work?

Accell / / Online Learning
One of the most popular ways to earn a degree in the new century is to take online classes. When the internet was first gaining popularity, skeptics claimed that online education was inferior to a classroom setting. While that may be true for some students, others prefer and even Read More

How do I get started?

Accell / / Online Learning
Accell Education Group recommends speaking with an education advisor. This highly trained individual specializes in helping students achieve their educational goals. Our team will analyze your previous transcripts, compare them to your degree requirements, and recommend a program Read More

Is there a downpayment?

Accell / / Online Learning
Accell Education offers guaranteed financing to all of their students through our finance partner, UGA. In an effort to make education as affordable as possible, Accell accepts a downpayment of at least $300 and offers a variety of financing packages. See your education advisor f Read More

How long does this program take?

Accell / / Online Learning
Accell Education Group has made studying as efficient as possible. In order to complete an entire program, each individual should receive a suggested curriculum from their education advisor. Because most of this program is self-paced, students can proceed as quickly or as patient Read More

How much is each course?

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Every course through Accell Education Group is priced at $599. Accell does not price courses based on credit hours earned, so although several of our courses are 6 credit hour courses, there is no difference in price from a three or four credit hour course. All of our courses inc Read More

How much are exam fees?

Accell / / Online Learning
Each course is “graded” by taking an end of course exam, which could be a CLEP, DANTES, or Excelsior College exam. Each exam fee is set by the administering organization. Exam fees range from $80 to $465 in the case of English Composition, where an essay needs to be graded by Read More
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