Accell Education is an online test preparation company that specializes in the healthcare market. The organization provides exceptional quality engaging and interactive course content combined with an accredited tutoring process that makes Accell unique in their target market. The company provides every student with a “Pass” guarantee that ensures each student the opportunity to complete each course, earn college credit, and transfer that credit into their desired degree program. Accell prides itself on catering to the busy adult learner who needs a flexible, effective and affordable education option. For more information, please visit
In order to earn college credit for online learning, many students turn to the CLEP program. Unfamiliar with the term? CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. Most students took the SAT or ACT to get into their college of choice. CLEP was designed and developed by the same people.

CLEP is an examination program that enables students to display proficiency in a specific course area by
passing a test. The program has been in existence for over 40 years and is accepted at over 2900 colleges and universities. According to the College Board website, “CLEP exams test mastery of collegelevel material acquired in a variety of ways — through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work.”

The exams are not only a convenient way to earn college credit, but a widely accepted way to demonstrate the same proficiency students show by completing a semester in a typical classroom setting. Most students could not just walk in to an exam enter and expect to pass the test. Does the test-out method work? The answer is, yes. If a student puts in the time and effort to study the relevant course material, the test-out method can be as effective as classroom study. Because of its’ wide level of acceptance, the test-out method can actually save students time and money in earning a college degree.

Every course through Accell Education Group is priced at $599. Accell does not price courses based on credit hours earned, so although several of our courses are 6 credit hour courses, there is no difference in price from a three or four credit hour course. All of our courses include all online courses materials, unlimited access to your certified tutor, customer support, and guarantees.
Each course is “graded” by taking an end of course exam, which could be a CLEP, DANTES, or Excelsior College exam. Each exam fee is set by the administering organization. Exam fees range from $80 to $465 in the case of English Composition, where an essay needs to be graded by hand. See your education advisor, as he or she will plainly explain each course and the associated exam type and fee.
To earn an Associates Degree in Nursing requires 67 credit hours and includes prerequisite courses, nursing courses, an online clinical component and an in-person clinical competency test. As with any degree program, there are a number of fees included in your investment.

Accell Education Group charges $599 per course for all of your online study materials and tutors. The number of courses varies between 7 and 16 per student depending on how many previous courses were taken.

There are exam fees that range from $80 to $465 per course and are administered by either CLEP, DANTES or Excelsior College.

Once a student enrolls at Excelsior College, there are application and enrollment fees and fees for the clinical components of the program.
While all education is an investment in your future, the Accell program is one of the least expensive options available when you compare our program with any other, including local campus-based programs.

Any student needing a specific breakdown of costs can get one by speaking with one of our education advisors at 866-74-ACCEL.

Accell Education Group is not a school, nor do we want to be! Our role is to adequately and professionally prepare you take an end-of-course exam that will enable you to earn college credit at approximately 2900 colleges and universities in the United States.

An easy comparison is to think about preparing for the SAT or ACT test or your licensing exam. Most students took some type of test preparation course prior to taking their college entrance exam or their LPN NCLEX exam. Accell Education provides that same service for each CLEP, DANTES or Excelsior College exam offered. Because we have a superior pricing and educational model, Accell is able to offer
a unique and proven methodology that enables students to pass these exams and earn an Associates Degree quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College exams are widely accepted for college credit at over 2900 colleges and universities in the United States.

Students can apply for credit at any of these schools.

With the Accell LPN to RN program, we recommend Excelsior College to the vast majority of our students. The Excelsior College ADN degree requires 67 credit hours, many of which can be earned via the test-out method. Since the Accell educational model makes earning these credits quickly, efficiently, and affordably, we help students complete their preparation for their end of course exams.

Upon completing all of the requirements of the Excelsior College ADN program, students will be awarded their degree from Excelsior College.

Accell Education Group is a test preparation company, not a school. Our program is designed to efficiently and affordably enable you to pass CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College exams.

The main reason students ask us this question is that they want to make sure their degree is valid and that their college or university is accredited.

Most colleges and universities pursue regional accreditation. When an Accell education advisor recommends a program, it is ALWAYS through an accredited institution.

Using Excelsior College as an example, Excelsior College is regionally accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Its nursing programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), formerly known as the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Excelsior College is a widely accepted program with a unique Associates Degree in Nursing that enables students to earn a degree utilizing the test-out method of learning in combination with their online and test-based clinical competency exam.

Accell Education Group prepares each of our students for the end of course exams offered by CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College. Excelsior accepts this credit regardless of how the student prepared for their exam.

Just like the College Board does not partner with SAT or ACT preparation companies, Excelsior College does not partner with Accell Education Group. There are a variety of organizations who prepare students to pass exams – including Excelsior College. Accell simply offers a popular option for students who want to save time and money in earning their degree.

Excelsior College offers their own path to completing their Associates Degree in Nursing. While some students prefer to complete their coursework through the college, others find alternatives more appealing.

Accell Education Group is in the nursing field to enable our students to complete their degree in less time and for less money than alternatives, including Excelsior College itself.

Compare and contrast time and cost with your education advisor by calling Accell at 866-74-ACCEL.

All of Accell’s tutors are certified instructors. What that means is that in their state, they are certified to teach in their subject of expertise.

Accell is the only test preparation company to offer a certified tutor for every course. Once you enroll, you will be introduced via email to your certified tutor. That teacher is available to you from the day you start your course until the day you pass your exam.

Our certified tutors are dedicated to your success! Contact them as often as you wish to help you complete your course and truly learn and understand every facet of your subject area.

All of your Accell course materials are available online and are part of your course fee. There are no additional fees for books, tutors or any other materials.
Periodically, Accell makes scholarships available for individual students or organizations. Call your education advisor at 866-74-ACCEL for availability.
Accell Education Group is not a school, therefore we are unable to accept any financial aid. We do, however, provide scholarships, grants, and/or financing to students. Call your education advisor at 866-74-ACCEL for availability.
Yes, Accell Education offers financing for our course packages. Everyone, regardless of credit, is approved for financing through our partner, UGA. Typically, payments range from $175 to $250 per month depending on each individual program. Speak with your education advisor at 866-74-ACCEL for
more details.
Students looking to earn their Associates Degree in Nursing need 67 credit hours to complete their program. Accell recommends that students enroll in a program that includes each course offered to complete their non-clinical coursework. Because Accell is committed to the success of each individual student, we are willing to accommodate a program specific to each individual.
One of the most popular ways to earn a degree in the new century is to take online classes. When the internet was first gaining popularity, skeptics claimed that online education was inferior to a classroom setting. While that may be true for some students, others prefer and even excel in an online setting.

Take this statistic from a recent study conducted by SRI International for the US Department of Education: online learners perform slightly better than students in traditional face-to-face classrooms.

Accel guarantees our online learning. By passing a final exam taken through the CLEP, DANTES, or Excelsior College “test-out” method, you earn college credit that can be transferred into approximately 2900 colleges and universities nationwide.

Accell Education Group is an online test preparation company that was developed by educators using adult learning theory and pedagogy to enable students to pass end-of-course exams.

Combine these specific attributes:

  • Affordable – each course is priced lower than our competitor
  • Accessible – our online learning format is available at your convenience
  • Certified tutors – our instructors are available to you throughout each course
  • Guarantee – we guarantee you will pass each course!
  • Accurate – each course was specifically designed to help you pass your test on the first try

And you have the premier program in the country for earning your associates degree.

Accell Education Group recommends speaking with an education advisor. This highly trained individual specializes in helping students achieve their educational goals. Our team will analyze your previous transcripts, compare them to your degree requirements, and recommend a program suited to your goals. After meeting with your education specialist, you will know how many courses you need, the program cost, payment options, recommended completion times, and how your degree program will unfold. To set up an appointment with an education advisor, call 866-74-ACCEL.
Accell Education offers guaranteed financing to all of their students through our finance partner, UGA. In an effort to make education as affordable as possible, Accell accepts a downpayment of at least $300 and offers a variety of financing packages. See your education advisor for details by calling 866-74-ACCEL.
Accell Education Group has made studying as efficient as possible. In order to complete an entire program, each individual should receive a suggested curriculum from their education advisor. Because most of this program is self-paced, students can proceed as quickly or as patiently as they prefer.

There are a number of factors that impact completion time, but an average student could take anywhere from 1 year to several years. To help you determine your suggested degree path, contact your education advisor at 866-74-ACCEL.

Each Accell course is broken down into 15-30 minute sessions. This enables an adult learner to carve out time from their busy schedule to complete a session and move on at their pace.

Each course is designed to be as efficient as possible. Some are naturally shorter than others, so the total number of sessions and time involved will vary.

Because each course is self-paced, the time required to finish a course will depend on the student. The average student should be able to complete the average course in 45-60 days.

Upon completing the CLEP, DANTES or Excelsior College exam, students are able to designate schools to receive their exam scores. Upon successful completion of the exam and dependent on acceptance from the college or university, students will receive college credit for completing the course.
There are test centers for each type of exam offered.

CLEP test centers can be found at https://clep.collegeboard.org/search/test-centers
DANTES test centers can be found at http://getcollegecredit.com/institutions/search
Excelsior College test centers can be found at http://www.pearsonvue.com/uexcel/

Clinicals via Excelsior College are completed in what the school refers to as its’ Phase III and Phase IV of their Associates Degree in Nursing program.

Phase III includes two separate “Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment” online components. One is called the “Head-to-Toe Assessment and Nursing Process” (worth 2 credit hours), while the other is the “Managing Multiple Patients/Working with Interdisciplinary Teams” (worth two credit hours) online component.

Phase IV is the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE) component. This component is given in-person at a testing site and covers approximately three days. Testing sites can be found at http://www.excelsior.edu/schools/nursing/cpne/finding-a-test-site.