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Accelerate your path to a career as an RN in Florida.


If you are looking into a career path as an RN in Massachusetts, work at your own pace with Accell Education.

New York

For professionals in New York looking to start a career path to becoming a Registered Nurse, look to an online program through Accell Education.


Accell Education can help you get on a career path to earn your RN in the quickest, most affordable way possible.


Accelerate your healthcare career from LPN to RN or Paramedic to RN with Accell Education.


Prepare for CLEP, DANTES, and college credit exams accepted by more than 2,900 universities and colleges nationwide with Accell Education.


Apply to earn your RN through Accell Education – where we focus on creating programs for working adults to be able to advance their careers.


Complete your higher education to be a RN online with Accell Education.


Work at your own pace and stay on track with our state-of-the-art educational program.


We’ll assign you a tutor to help you throughout the program.



There are several ways to become a Registered Nurse in America. All of them require completing some type of training program or a college course in nursing.

ADN Online

Job opportunities for RNs grow with every day and will continue to do so as the Baby Boomers are retiring. Associate Degree in Nursing allows you to benefit from these numerous job opportunities faster as you can complete it in under two years.


An Associate Degree in Nursing course covers a variety of topics ranging from anatomy and microbiology to nutrition and behavior sciences. At Accell Education, we offer the most comprehensive course that will make you a highly sought-after professional.

An Associates Degree in Nursing

Accell Education offers a comprehensive online program that allows you to study at your own pace. We understand that you have commitments, so our course is flexible. This means you can study when and how long you want.

Classes Needed for RN

In the US, you can become an RN in several ways. Generally, you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Then, you take a licensing exam, and once you pass, you become a legit RN. Associate’s Degree is the fastest route as you can complete it in under two years (unlike 3-4 years of college). Accell Education’s program will allow you to obtain this degree.

Classes to Take for Registered Nurse

Accell Education makes it a point to not only provide you with valuable knowledge of nursing. We also strive to make our lessons exciting so it’ll be easier for you to stay motivated.

College for RN

Taking a college course in nursing will give you great opportunities. This industry is growing so fast, there’ll be over 3.44 million new nurses needed by 2024. By becoming one now, you can secure the best paid positions with good career prospects.

Associate Degree for Nursing

The current economy is unstable and unemployment remains a major issue for Americans. However, one industry grows in spite issues and creates up to a million new jobs a year. This industry is nursing and predictions from experts state it will continue to grow at the rate of no less than 16%.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Accell Education’s courses are affordable and flexible. We want everyone one of you to have a chance at a good education. And we guarantee that our program will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Associate Degree in Nursing ADN

Do you want to work in an industry with the fastest-growing job prospects? If yes, nursing is for you, and the median salary being well over $60,000 only sweetens this offer.

Associate Degree In Nursing Curriculum

Want to become a nurse and do it with ease? Accell Education is a premier educational solution for exam preparation and the number one option for working adults nationwide.




















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