Are LPNs being Phased Out?

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With so many hospitals and clinics that need nurses, one would find it hard to believe that LPNs are being phased out of this work place. Unfortunately, many LPNs looking for their ideal job in a hospital, doctors office, clinic or other specialty area are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to secure a position.
Many of the LPNs I speak with feel limited in what they can do, and many must answer to an RN for many of their duties, despite many years of on-the-job experience that have elevated their skills beyond their peers. The majority of hospitals are now hiring RNs for floor nurses—which restricts a lot of the opportunities for an LPN. In nursing homes, LPNs are taking roles such as a medication nurse or treatment nurse instead of having full care of the patients. This lack of diversity for job opportunities is what is phasing LPNs out of their ideal work space.
As many LPNs have discovered when applying for these roles, education trumps experience. It is likely that an LPN with a decade of experience will find a new grad nurse as their supervisor. A common complaint I hear from LPNs is that they are training their supervisor. 
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it stated that there were 719,900 number of jobs for LPNs in 2014. The number for RNs was 2,751,000. The market for LPN job opportunities is way more competitive and strenuous than the market for an RN. Based on this statistic, getting the right education and becoming an RN will increase your chances of getting a job by 26%!
Becoming an RN and passing the RN-NCLEX exam isn’t the impossible dream if you have the right education program.
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