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Job opportunities for RNs (Registered Nurses) grow at a higher rate than in any other industry. And Florida is a champion state in high nurse demand. We offer you a chance to complete an ADN RN in Florida fast and start a career that promises a median salary of $62,000+. Accell Education courses are custom-tailored to your needs to ensure the best results for every student.

Why Do You Need ADN RN?

ADN stands for Associate Degree in Nursing. Simply put, this degree is your fastest way towards becoming an RN. Registered Nurses in America must complete one of the accredited education programs or college courses and pass a special exam (NCLEX-RN) to get the job. Unlike a college program, which takes 3+years to complete, Associate’s Degree can take only about 2 years.

With Accell Education, you are in charge of your own course, so you can take more or less time depending on your personal needs. We ensure that each of our students gets a flexible schedule that can fit into their life perfectly.

We also assign you a personal tutor, who will monitor your progress, help develop plans, and offer advice as needed. We’ve established that such a personalized approach to teaching allows us to provide maximum benefits to our students. Accell Education ADN RN course graduates are sought-after and respected. We’ll help you take the first steps toward a stellar career.

The need for nurses in Florida will continue to grow for many years yet. As Baby Boomers retire to the sunny state, they create jobs. You can take one of these jobs with the help of our programs. Call Accell Education at (877)978-1344 and register for your ADN RN in Florida today!