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ADN Online in Texas

ADN Online in Texas

ADN Online in Texas

An average Registered Nurse (RN) in Texas makes $66,350 a year. But with the local cost of living, that’s an equivalent of about $72,500. Does that sound good to you? Then apply for an Accell Education course and obtain an ADN online in Texas fast. This will kick-start your nursing career and open up dozens of employment opportunities.

What Do You Gain by Obtaining an ADN Online?

Completing your ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) allows you to get an entry-level job in any nursing-related business. This, in turn, enables you to:

  • Get the practical experience necessary to take an RN licensing exam.
  • Earn money to further your training.
  • Get extra income to support yourself while studying.

Despite the fact that there are over 3 million nurses in the US, the rate of staff shortage in this industry is growing. With Baby Boomers aging, the demand for healthcare professionals will continue to increase. You can make the best out of this situation by taking an ADN online in Texas and becoming an RN.

Why Should Your Choose Accell Education?

ADN programs from Accell Education are designed specifically for adult learners with busy lives. We know that your time is precious and will ensure you can use it in the most efficient way. All our courses can be custom-tailored to meet the student’s needs. Upon registering, you also get assigned a private tutor. This professional will monitor your progress, offer help and guidance, and assist you with designing the best schedule.

Call Accell Education at (877)978-1344 today and we’ll make sure that you unlock your potential and become a successful nurse! Take the first step to a stellar healthcare career by taking an ADN online in Texas!

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