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Becoming an RN (Registered Nurse) in Massachusetts is a way to get a secure and well-paid job. Despite all other economic issues, nurses remain in high demand. In fact, the number of jobs in the field is expected to grow at a 15% rate by 2026. That’s much faster than the average rate for any other field, so this profession has some of the best prospects today. Accell Education’s program for an ADN in Massachusetts (Associate Degree in Nursing) gives one a solid foundation for starting this career path. This course can be followed by an RN licensing exam and make the ADN holder eligible for a variety of jobs.

Understanding ADN Requirements in Massachusetts

Completing an ADN course allows a person to apply for entry-level nursing positions in hospitals, hospices, healthcare organizations, etc. This course usually takes about two years and covers a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology

Once a person obtains an accredited ADN in Massachusetts, they are eligible for taking the NCLEX exam to become a licensed Registered Nurse. This will expand one’s employment opportunities greatly.

Why Get an ADN with Accell Education

If one is looking for some stability and numerous job offers, now is the best time to become a nurse. About 500,000 professional nurses are set to retire by the 2020’s, which is sure to create a shortage. Accell Education offers everyone a chance to enter the promising healthcare field by completing their ADN in Massachusetts online. Our courses create highly qualified and valued professionals that can get the best jobs in the field. Call us at (877)978-1344 today to begin effective and affordable nursing education!

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