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ADN in Delaware

ADN in Delaware

ADN in Delaware

Employment opportunities for nurses are predicted to grow at the rate of 15% by 2022. With aging Baby Boomers, this number might increase further still. This means more good jobs for qualified RNs (Registered Nurses), and Accell Education’s courses are the best way to become one. Get an ADN in Delaware (Associate Degree in Nursing) as the first step to obtaining this rewarding and prestigious profession.

Why Accell Education’s ADN Courses Are the Best

At Accell Education, we aim to produce highly-qualified and skilled nurses with comprehensive knowledge of the field. Our graduates are able to:

  • Take and record patient’s vitals
  • Make and maintain accurate medical reports/records
  • Administer medications
  • Monitor patients’ reactions to medications, conditions, symptoms development, etc.
  • Assess and consult on patient care plans

All these are the tasks required of a Registered Nurse, and with Accell Education, one can master them all with an ADN in Delaware. This will provide our graduates with a competitive edge that can help them get better employment opportunities.

An ADN itself is sufficient for taking an entry-level position in the healthcare field. Unlike some other types of nursing programs, this degree sets one on the shortest route to becoming an RN. As ADN holders are able to get jobs in hospitals and various care facilities, it’s also a good degree for those who don’t plan to go into the field full-time.

Accell Education welcomes all adult learners who want to try their hand at nursing. We will ensure every graduate has the skills they need to succeed with their goals. Call (877)978-1344 to sign up for our online course and get on the road toward getting an ADN in Delaware!

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