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Arizona is a state that offers some of the highest salaries to RNs (Registered Nurses) with the industry average $71,390. And the fastest way to become an RN is to get one’s ADN in Arizona (Associate Degree in Nursing). Accell Education offers an effective and affordable ADN program that will enable one to pass their RN exams and begin a successful career.

Is an ADN a Good Choice for a Future Arizona Nurse?

Getting an Associate Degree in Nursing is a great choice for anyone seeking to become an RN. The main benefit of this course is that it allows one to get an entry-level position in the field right away.

Becoming a nurse in Arizona of all places is also a great idea. This state doesn’t have the highest median salary for RNs, which is over $94,000 in California. However, the cost of living here is much lower. Therefore, while RNs in California, Alaska, and New York are seemingly better paid, their salaries adjusted to the cost of living in the state are lower than in Arizona. Arizona itself isn’t an expensive place to live; therefore, an adjusted median RN salary here is actually higher ($72,818).

ADN from Accell Education: Get the Best

Of course, the exact salary of the nurse depends on many factors including education, skills, and talent. At Accell Education, we teach a course that ensures our graduates are among the very best. Our programs are:

  • Affordable (we offer financing options)
  • Flexible (everyone studies at their own pace)
  • Comprehensive (students are well-rounded in all nursing subjects)

Call us at (877)978-1344 today to join the course and become an ADN in Arizona through the best Accell Education courses!

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