Moving from LPN to RN: The Responsibilities

Accell / September 27, 2017 / Online Learning
We have already written in past blogs about the differences in salaries for LPNs and RNs, but what are some differences in job responsibilities? There a fair number of duties that RNs can perform that LPNs can’t. This blog touches on just how different the jobs can be. Becau Read More

How Can LPNs Learn to do an IV Push?

Accell / September 16, 2017 / Online Learning
In a 2007 study by American Nurses Association stated that 48% of injectable medication errors happened during preparation and administration of IV medications. A similar study stated that most errors occurred during IV bolus administration (73% rate of error). This was mainly Read More

How to Prepare Properly for Nursing School

Accell / September 6, 2017 / Online Learning
I wrote this blog because I was motivated by watching all of the news coverage of Irma, the very strong hurricane causing so much devastation in the islands. Along with my colleagues at Accell Education, we are very concerned about everyone in the path of this storm. Thanks to Read More
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